Empowering the World to Create Kindness Karma 

Kind Karma's mission is to "Empower the World to Create Daily Kindness Karma". Kind Karma® symbolizes being active - in a state of motion, acted upon by a mindful and continuous Karmic Wave of Kindness. Through Kind Karma's innovative and inspiring initiatives, courses and events, we are not just wishing for a world of kindness; we are providing ways to empower others to create a World of Kindness.

Our worldwide initiatives are authentically infused with non-self-serving intentions. We are creating a global canvas and person-to-person landscape for holistic awakening; positive thinking; wisdom infusion; peace; compassion; and "kindness". Our Blog: Metta Medicine for the World, describes simple and innovative ways to create and manifest daily kindness.

Kind Karma

We believe, if we can encourage and empower as many people as possible to live - daily - with kindness, we will see less violence, homelessness, aggression, hatred, inequality, bullying, war, and animal and environmental abuse, because we will generate a powerful energy wave of Compassion and "Kindness Karma".

Kind Karma Initiatives

Kind Karma's Global Kindness Karma Initiatives

"Change A Life, Change The World." - Dean Telano

All Kids Matter!
Kind Karma® accentuates energy healing sessions, courses and programs for children with cancer or disabilities. All "Kids R Key" to the world's future."
Teach All Loving Kindness
T.A.L.K. is teaching others to live a life of inspiring service by globally spreading the seeds of kindness and positive change. Includes holistic approaches and practices.
Kind Karma® Kids Yoga
"Youth Empowerment Of Wholeness." Youth empowerment through Kind Karma® Kids Yoga, meditation, qigong, sound, positive thinking and connectivity to nature.
"Earth Gifting"
Gifting Love, Compassion & Gratitude for the Earth. Shamanic events and programs to deepen our connection with nature and promote environmental awareness.
Holistic Animal Healing
H.A.H. and Kind Karma® Reiki promotes holistic and alternative methods to heal animals that are sick, abused, abandoned, rescued or in a shelter or sanctuary. 
"Golden Light Luminaries"
This course is open to all those seeking to aid humanity during this critical time. Activate, awaken and ascend with the "Golden Light of Celestial Resonance". 

Your Kind Karma® Support & Donations Are Changing Lives

Kind Karma®

Become Part of the World's Next Big SOUL-u-tion!

Join us, donate and support Kind Karma's Initiatives.

Together, hand-in-hand, let's change the world.

We are inspiring kindness. Our goal is to provide global initiatives, community classes, workshops & Shamanic themed events that create positive thoughts, words & actions through a collective effort of creating, manifesting and sharing daily kindness. 

The future is now. Walk an inspired and empowered path.

Kind Karma

Catch A Glimpse of How Kind Karma® is Creating Kindness Karma

Kids R Key
Kind Karma®

Kind Karma® Ways to Promote Healing & Increase Kindness

"Metta Medicine for the World"  Blog

Kind Karma® Tip to Raise your Heart's Vibration
 Keep a "Gratitude of Multitude" Journal

Establish a daily practice of writing down the gifts, grace and good things that you have received and experienced. Dedicate some time to recall these special moments of gratitude. As you do so, open your heart, count your blessings and be grateful for all the joy and happiness you have received.

Kind Karma

"A Dream Becomes A Reality Only When You Act Upon it."

Dean Telano 

Inspired Yoga & Healing Center

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