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Starting within each person, Kind Karma® is about taking positive steps and raising the vibration towards a better future.  If each person can accomplish this, we believe, will see less: violence; inequality; unhappiness; bullying; and animal and environmental abuse.

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"Often Our Voice is Found in Our Compassionate Actions" 

Here are 5 Simple Steps to Get Involved & Become a Kind Karma® Creator

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  • Join one of Kind Karma® Initiatives.

  • Attend one of our training courses.

  • Register & take our Kind Karma's online courses.


  • Purchase our Kind Karma Merchandise to spread Loving Kindness.

  • Purchases support all Kind Karma Worldwide Initiatives. 

Social Media 

  • Spread the word!

  • Tell others about Kind Karma's mission, precepts, blogs, events and initiatives.

Donate & Support Kind Karma Initiatives

  • Donate to one of our Kind Karma® Worldwide Initiatives.

  • Empower the World to Create Kind Karma.

"Kind Karma Worldwide Day"

  • Get Involved with Kind Karma Worldwide Day.

  • Attend the event: Contact us for more information.

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Kind Karma Reiki for Child with Special Needs.
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Kind Karma Worldwide Day

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Kind Karma Loving Kindness Logo.


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Kind Karma Worldwide
Rainbow Ladder of Ascension

Together, let's walk in the Rainbow Light of Compassion, Peace, Gratitude & Kindness.

Let's spend Kind Karma Worldwide Day together, as a powerful catalyst to shape every day with kindness, compassion and positive energy, so we can create a brighter future.

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