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Kind Karma initiatives are intended to create positive outcomes through 'living in harmony' workshops, holistic healing courses, and 'positive world culture' events. We are creating a global canvas, and person to person landscape, for harmony and unity.

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"Change a Life, Change the World!" - Dr. Dean Telano 

All Kids Matter!
Kids R' Key
Kind Karma Accentuates Healing for Kids
Accentuates energy therapy & courses for children with cancer or disabilities. 
Kind Karma Kids Yoga
Kind Karma Promotes Youth Empowerment and Diversity.
Alternative methods such as yoga, qigong, meditation, sound & connectivity to nature.
Kind Karma Reiki Animal Healing Session.
Healing animals that are sick, abused, abandoned, rescued or in a shelter or sanctuary. 
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Kind Karma® Initiatives

Authentic Efforts. World Healing. Loving Kindness in Action!

Kind Karma Teaching People Loving Kindness
Promotes healing & living in harmony. Includes Rahini Yoga® Karma Kriyas.
Earth Gifting
Planet Kind Karma®
Kind Karma Woman Giving Reiki to Trees.
Gifting Love, Compassion & Gratitude for the Earth & environmental awareness.
Golden Ra
Energy Healing
Kind Karma Reiki Training Course
Awaken and activate the Golden RA of Celestial Resonance.  
Kind Karma

"No act of kindness is too small, therefore, no donation is too small."

Your gift of kindness can globally change the lives of so many!

Kind Karma Volunteers to Clean the Planet

According to the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

Five main reasons to give to charity are:

  • Giving to charity makes you feel good.

  • Giving to charity strengthens personal values.

  • Giving is more impactful than ever.

  • Giving to charity introduces your children to the importance of generosity.

  • Giving to charity encourages your friends and family to do the same.

Join us and support Kind Karma's Initiatives. Together, hand-in-hand, let's change the world.

We are inspiring - and, empowering - kindness. Our mission is to provide worldwide initiatives, community classes, and Shamanic themed events that create positive thoughts, words and actions through a collective effort of creating daily Kindness Karma.

"Loving Kindness is not a thing - it's who & what we truly are!"

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