Kind Karma Reiki Session for Adults.

World Kind Karma® Initiative

Golden RA of Celestial Healing 

"Energy Therapy for Today's World"


Golden RA of Celestial Resonance is a training course and energy healing therapy beginning in the year, 2021. Kind Karma's healing course is open: to all those seeking to aid humanity during this critical time; to those interested in the Golden RA of Healing; Energy Healers, Lightworkers; Spiritual Alchemists: Rainbow Ray Healers; and Angelic Energy Healers.

Activate, awaken and ascend with the "Infinite Healing Light of the Celestial Spirit of Kindness" and the "Golden RA of Celestial Healing".​

Kind Karma® is working in alignment and harmony with the: Infinite Healing Light of the Celestial Spirit of Kindness; Golden RA of Celestial Resonance; Divine ArchLights of Kindness; Geometric Rainbow Pendant Lights; and Celestial Energy Pillars of Kindness (C.E.P.OK). This means, within our truest intentions, we are helping others to realign their Internal Geometry with the Cosmic and Celestial Geometry.

Rainbow colored person standing on earth.
Colorful Angel Nebula in Stars.
Colorful Angel in Stars
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