We are trying to change the world by spreading the seeds of loving kindnessand, we need your help to get involved. Our goal is to have everyone aware that their individual, daily actions create Karma. We believe, if we can get as many people as possible to live with kindness, we will see less violence, homelessness, hatred, bullying, war, animal abuse, etc. because it generates a strong, powerful wave of positive kind karma. 

"Change a life, change the world!"

- Dr. Dean Telano


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Kind Karma


Kind Karma


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Additional Ways How to Get Involved 

Kind Karma
Kind Karma
Kind Karma
Kind Karma

Join One of Our Mission Programs such as the "Kid's R Key" Initiative, "Holistic Animal Healing" - HAH, "Teaching All Loving-Kindness" - TALK, or "Earth Gifting."

Attend one of our Group Training Courses, Programs or Workshops (Kind Karma Reiki, Sound Healing, and much more).

Purchase "Kind Karma" or "Kids R Key" Merchandise.

Support or Attend "Create Kind Karma World Day" - 10/27/2020.

Donate to our Global Movement of Kind Karma - Spreading Loving-Kindness, and its mission filled programs or workshops.

Spread the word and Tell Others to Participate in our Kind Karma Events, and Follow Us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest as well as our Blogs.

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Kind Karma's Rainbow Ladder of Divine Ascension

Together, let's walk in the Rainbow Light of Compassion, Wisdom & Loving Kindness.

Let's spend Kind Karma® day together, as a powerful catalyst to shape every day with kindness, compassion and positive energy, so we can create a brighter future.

"With imagination, we can hold a

universe inside our minds."

- Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

Kind Karma
Kind Karma

"A Dream Becomes A Reality Only When You Act Upon it."

Dr. Dean Telano 

Inspired Yoga & Healing Center

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