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Our worldwide initiatives are authentically infused with non-self-serving intentions. We are creating a global canvas and person-to-person landscape for holistic awakening; positive thinking; wisdom infusion; peace; compassion; and kindness. 

"Our World Needs Kindness Karma"

Holistic Animal Healing: H.A.H.

Kind Karma Initiative

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Energy Healing for Animals

"Our animal and pet energy healing sessions and training begins from the compassion, love and kindness that awaits us inside each of our Hearts."  


H.A.H. is a Kind Karma Key Initiative promoting holistic and alternative methods to heal animals that are sick, abused, abandoned, rescued or in a shelter or sanctuary. It's our belief that learning how to holistically heal and properly care for animals contributes to simultaneously healing yourself, the planet, and all its inhabitants. We are on a global mission to heal all animals, including birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians.

Our Animal Kindred Matters! 

Kind Karma Reiki


  • Kind Karma®: Animal & Pet Reiki "Master." Emphasizes communication and connectedness with animals. 

  • Kind Karma®: Animal & Pet Reiki "Practitioner" Training: No Reiki training necessary. Emphasizes communication and connectedness with animals. 

  • Includes live or practical experience.

  • "Kind Karma® Reiki Grand Master (KKGRM) and Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master Training & Certification."

    • Kind Karma® Reiki is high vibration energy that awakens our compassion and kindness through the use and practice of the Loving Kindness Symbols.

  • "Crystal Practitioner Training"

    • Layouts, grids & sacred geometry.

  • "Reiki Crystal Master Training and Certification."

    • This includes how to use crystals to help heal animals or your living pets. 

  • "Sound Healing & Training."

    • Sound healing for pets & animals.

  • "Golden Ray of Celestial Resonance" Course.

    • Includes numerous methods of training. 

Kind Karma Reiki
Kind Karma Reiki
Kind Karma Reiki


We offer onsite and distant healing sessions

  • Contact us for more information.

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"Changing World Karma is Key"

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