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Our worldwide initiatives are authentically infused with non-self-serving intentions. We are creating a global canvas and person-to-person landscape for holistic awakening; positive thinking; wisdom infusion; peace; compassion; and "kindness".

"Our World Needs Kindness Karma"

Kind Karma Global Initiatives

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Kind Karma® Global Initiative 
 "Kids R Key"
Kind Karma
Kind Karma
Kids R Key
All Kids Matter!
"Kids R Key" & "All Kids Matter"

This part of our Kind Karma® Global Initiative called "Kids R Key" because we believe all kids are the "Key" to creating the world's future of Kind Karma or Kindness Karma.

"Kids R Key" accentuates holistic healing methods and programs for children with cancer or disabilities. Sound, crystal, energy, color and essential oils are modalities used together or independently, and also in conjunction with the other energy healing modalities.

We incorporate noninvasive, gentle holistic methods such as:

Enrollment in our training programs such as, "Inspired Kids Yoga & Meditation", the "Joy of Gong & Sound Resonance" or "Kind Karma: Reiki for Kids" prepares our Kind Karma Creators to work with children. 

Kind Karma® Global Initiative
Kind Karma
Kind Karma
Kind Karma
Kind Karma
Y.E.O.W. - "Youth Empowerment OWholeness"

YEOW! empowers our youth through Kind Karma Kids Yoga, Awaken with Meditation, breathwork, Awaken Qigong, sound, positive thinking and connecting children to nature. Our programs teach children self-empowerment, mindfulness and positive ways to channel energy, emotions and feelings, and how to use positive, holistic outlets for bullying issues.

We incorporate noninvasive, gentle holistic methods such as:

Enrollment in our training programs such as, "Inspired Kids Yoga & Meditation", the "Joy of Gong & Sound Resonance" or "Kind Karma: Reiki for Kids" prepares our Kind Karma Creators to work with children. 

Kind Karma® Global Initiative
"Holistic Animal Healing" 
Kind Karma
Kind Karma
Kind Karma
H.A.H. - "Holistic Animal Healing" 

H.A.H. is a global initiative promoting holistic and alternative methods to heal animals that are sick, abused, abandoned, rescued or in a shelter or sanctuary. It's our belief that learning how to holistically heal and properly care for animals contributes to simultaneously healing yourself, the planet, and all its inhabitants. We are on a global mission to heal all animals, including birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, etc.  Our Animal Kindred Matters!

To accomplish this, we offer enrollment in specific training programs such as - but not limited to:

"When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend, I feel a soul."

- Anthony Douglass Williams.

Kind Karma® Global Initiative
"Earth Gifting" 
Kind Karma
Kind Karma
Kind Karma
"Earth Gifting" Initiative
Gifting love, compassion and gratitude for the Earth. Shamanic themed outdoor events and programs to deepen our connection with nature and increase environment abuse awareness. We offer specific training programs to learn how to deepen our connection with our planet, environment and nature spirits. We also hold numerous "Giving Back to the Earth" Events throughout the year.  

These are just some of the ways we are actively giving back to Mother Earth and Nature Spirits:

  • Holding Earth related retreats that emphasize methods of mindful, daily actions we can reciprocate Loving Kindness to our planet.  Includes lifestyle changes and outdoor gentle yoga, breathwork, meditation or qigong practice.

  • Healing the earth and and environment through Reiki or other Kind Karma® healing methods, such as sound or drumming.

  • Being mindful of our own thoughts and feelings and how they can impact the earth. 

  • Cleaning up the environment - park or public cleanups. 

  • Planting trees, flowers, herbs, plants, or creating gardens.

  • Working with crystals, sacred geometry and layouts.

  • Leading or participating in our Kind Karma® nature-loving or Shamanistic approaches- such as working, connecting or giving offerings and blessings to the:

    • Nature Spirits.

    • Elementals.


    • Spirit Animals or Spirit Animal Totems. 

    • Various Mystical and Magical Realms.

    • Angelic Realms.

"Humans have to begin to perceive the elemental beings and the spirit beings and act with them in the same direction. Otherwise the earth will disintegrate. It will die if humans don’t take up their tasks and their responsibility for the etheric, soul and spiritual aspects of the cosmos. And then – this is very important – humans have to learn what beauty is. They have to learn not to just simply act and produce any kind of objects, but that everything has to be beautifully formed.” 

- Verena Stael Von Holstein

Kind Karma® Global Initiative
"Teach All Loving Kindness" 
Kind Karma
Awaken Qigong.JPG
Kind Karma

T.A.L.K. - "Teach All Loving Kindness" Initiative


  1. Is teaching others to live a life of inspiring service by globally spreading the seeds of kindness and teaching others how to use positive thinking to transform their lives.

  2. Is Voice of Action. 

  3. Is about building a global community of Kind Karma Creators.

  4. Gives the necessary tools to navigate your everyday life to generate positive karma, and to work with the rhythms and flows of nature in alignment with your highest intention and higher purpose. 

TALK includes:

"Metta is the ability to embrace all parts of ourselves, as well as all parts of the world. Practicing metta illuminates our inner integrity because it relieves us of the need to deny different aspects of ourselves."

- Sharon Salzberg

Kind Karma® Global Initiative
"Golden Light Luminaries" 
Kind Karma.jpg
Kind Karma
Kind Karma

"Golden Light Luminaries" of Kind Karma Initiative - 2020

Golden Light Luminaries of Kind Karma® is a training course and energy healing therapy beginning in the year, 2020.

Kind Karma's healing course is open: to all those seeking to aid humanity during this critical time; to those interested in the Channeled Golden Healing Light Resonance; Energy Healers, Lightworkers; Spiritual Alchemists: Rainbow Ray Healers; and Angelic Energy Healers.

Activate, awaken and ascend with the "Infinite Healing Light of the Celestial Spirit of Kindness" and the "Golden Light of Celestial Resonance".

Kind Karma® is working in alignment and harmony with the: Infinite Healing Light of the Celestial Spirit of Kindness; Golden Light of Celestial Resonance; Divine ArchLights of Kindness; Geometric Rainbow Pendant Lights; and Celestial Energy Pillars of Kindness (C.E.P.OK). This means, within our truest intentions, we are helping others to realign their Internal Geometry with the Cosmic and Celestial Geometry.

Kind Karma

"A Dream Becomes A Reality Only When You Act Upon it."

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