"In the Light of Kind Karma"

Kind Karma Initiatives are infused with Authentic Efforts and Loving Kindness Intentions.

Join Our Heart Based Global Community of Kind Karma Creators to Change the World.

Kind Karma helping special needs children.

Kind Karma® is Creating a Heart Based

Global Community of Loving Kindness, Peace & Unity.

Kind Karma's Mission is to promote world loving kindness.

Kind Karma® is a heart based global community, promoting loving kindness, peace, healing and unity through its Initiatives. 

Kind Karma's vision and goal is to create a collective, heart based global community where people are supported, guided and empowered to develop their own skills and capacities to enable positive change in their communities, families and in themselves. Starting within each person, Kind Karma® is about taking positive steps and raising the vibration towards a better future. If each person can accomplish this, we believe, will see less: violence; hostility; injustice; unhappiness; inequality; sickness; vilification; bullying; war; animal abuse; and harmful environmental abuses.

Kind Karma's vision is to have world diversity and inclusion.
Kind Karma's intiatives are creating world harmony and peace.

Kind Karma's Initiatives are holistic, and are designed to have a profound impact on your life, how you connect with others, and how you view and care for the world. The initiatives are intended to create positive outcomes through 'vibrant health' courses, 'spiritual enrichment' workshops, and 'raise your vibration' events. We are creating a global canvas, and person to person landscape, for harmony and unity.

Become Part of the World's Next Big SOUL-u-tion!​

Join us, donate and support Kind Karma's Initiatives.

Together, hand-in-hand, let's change the world.​

Our goal is to provide global initiatives, community classes, workshops & Shamanic themed events that create positive thoughts, words & actions through a collective effort of creating Kind Karma®.

The future is now. Walk an inspired and empowered path.

Kind Karma's

Rainbow Ladder of Divine Ascent

Kind Karma Rainbow  Colored Ladder of Divine Ascent.
Kind Karma promoting world loving kindness.
Kind Karma® Yoga & Holistic Center
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Kind Karma Worldwide Heart Based Community.

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