World Kind Karma® is Creating a Sustainable Global Culture of Love, Peace, Compassion, Harmony, Healing & Kindness.

Kind Karma® is leading innovative and inspiring programs and events that promote a collective wave of kindness to exponentially increase positive world karma. Through Kind Karma's global initiatives, we are not just wishing for a kinder world, we are creating a kinder world.

We believe, if we can encourage and inspire as many people as possible to create daily kindness karma, we will see less, hostility; unhappiness; inequality; violence; sickness; vilification; bullying; war; and animal and environmental abuse. Our WORLD KIND KARMA goal is to generate a powerful collective global energy of unity, love, compassion, peace and kindness.

Kind Karma

Our events and global initiatives are authentically infused with selfless and team oriented intentions. We are creating a worldwide canvas and person-to-person landscape of holistic health; positive thinking; wisdom infusion; empowerment; and peace. 

Become Part of the World's Next Big SOUL-u-tion!​

Join us, donate and support Kind Karma's Initiatives.

Together, hand-in-hand, let's change the world.​

We are inspiring kindness. Our goal is to provide global initiatives, community classes, workshops & Shamanic themed events that create positive thoughts, words & actions through a collective effort of creating, manifesting and sharing daily kindness. ​

The future is now. Walk an inspired and empowered path.

Kind Karma®

Kind Karma's

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Kind Karma
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World Kind Karma® is Creating a Sustainable Global Culture of Peace, Compassion, Harmony, Healing and Kindness.

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