Kind Karma Initiative Healing the Earth

"The Earth is our Tribe Mother.  Rejoice in her loving kindness!"
- Dean Telano


Kind Karma Worldwide leads Planet Kind Karma events and training courses that are either: online and in person, or indoor and outdoor.


The Planet Kind Karma Initiative consists of three nature oriented segments:

  1. "Earth Gifting".

  2. Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature. 

  3. Environmental Awareness..

Earth Gifting

Kind Karma Worldwide created the name Earth Gifting to inspire others how to "gift" healing energy, love and gratitude to our planet, Earth.  Earth Gifting is our holistic solution to a healthy Earth and a wonderful opportunity to simultaneously connect with nature and heal our planet. 

Shamanism & Spirits of Nature

Shamanic friendly themed events, retreats, and courses to deepen our understanding, connection and appreciation of nature.  Learn how to connect with nature's spirits.  Open to all.

Environmental Awareness

Raising environmental awareness through nature connectivity.

With Earth Gifting and shamanic themed events, we are pioneering a global shift of consciousness to promote a deeper awareness of environmental stewardship.

Planet Kind Karma - 2.png
Planet Kind Karma - 2-2.png
Kind Karma Initiative cleaning up the environment.

Contact us for more information about Planet Kind Karma Initiative, Events & Training Courses.

Kind Karma Worldwide Initiative

Hands holding a heart with the letters, K, K and W.

We offer specific training programs to learn how to deepen our connection with our planet, environment and nature spirits.  We also hold numerous "Giving Back to the Earth" events throughout the year.

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Kind Karma Initiative cleaning up the environment.