A Kind Karma® Crystal Body Layout for Nurturing the Heart & Calming the Mind.

Kind Karma

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Kind Karma® Crystal Body Layout for Nurturing the Heart and Calming the Mind.

Kind Karma

"A Kind Karma® crystal body layout is natural medicine designed specifically to create positive changes or outcomes." - Dean Telano

Benefits for the Kind Karma® Crystal Body Layout

  • Heals and nurtures the heart.

  • Calms and clears your mind; slows down the busy or overactive mind; eases a worried mind.

  • Relieves stress, tension and anxiety.

  • Promotes emotional harmony and balance.

  • Increases the frequency of your energy or vibration, helping you feel lighter in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

  • Clears energy blockages, realigning your energy flow and increasing energy levels.


  • Can be done daily.

  • This crystal layout can be created for yourself or others.

Crystals Needed

  • 1 clear quartz crystal.

  • 1 rose quartz.

  • 1 smoky quartz or hematite crystal (any grounding crystal will do).

How to Set Up the Kind Karma® Crystal Body Layout


  1. Offer gratitude to the crystals - "Gratitude is God's Grace".

  2. Offer self-appreciation for taking this time out to heal yourself.

  3. Go into a state of receptivity and humility. Try to feel as calm and collected as possible. Breathe with awareness. Take this breath awareness down into your heart, feeling kindness, love and compassion. Bathe in the moment.

Where to Place the Crystals

  • Place a clear quartz crystal above the head.

  • Place a rose quartz crystal on the center of your chest. Optional: you can also hold a a rose quartz crystal in your left palm.

  • Place a smoky quartz or hematite crystal below or between the feet. Optional: place a crystal under each foot.


  • Visualize or feel all the crystals lighting up, aligning and joining together in a soothing, Crystalline Light Matrix.

  • Visualize or feel the Crystalline Light Matrix by: 1) Softly connecting and healing the energy field or aura of your body. 3) Infusing every cell and atom in the body with the Joy of Light.

  • Try to feel any pent-up or negative feelings or emotions being released, and being replacing with calming, peaceful and joyful energies.

Photo of the Crystal Body Layout

Kind Karma

The above photo shows a clear quartz crystal above the head, a rose quartz crystal on the center of the chest, and a smoky quartz between the feet.


  • Stay in the crystal body layout for 10-15 minutes (don't forget to use your intuition).

Ending the Crystal Body Layout

  • Important: "Ground" by imagining two silver-colored lines (like roots) growing down from the feet and going into the floor and Earth.

  • When working with others, speak very softly and gently. Instruct them to gradually open their eyes. You might have to repeat this a couple of times, until they awaken.

  • Use sage, incense, essential oils, white light, water, incense or Reiki to clear your crystals after use.

"Visualization is a powerful mind-body connection tool." - Dean Telano

Kind Karma

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Kind Karma

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