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Kind Karma® Key Initiative: Youth Empowerment Of Wholeness - YEOW! YEOW Promotes youth empowerment through kind karma® kid's yoga, awaken with meditation, mindfulness, awaken qigong, gong and sound therapy (GST), positive thinking and visualization, aromatherapy, energy and crystal therapy, and interconnectivity with nature (shamanic themed events).

Kind Karma

"Kind Karma® Kids Yoga incorporates simple and, easy to learn, breathing methods as mindful learning tools for children to develop healthy coping skills. Our breathing techniques teach positive ways to channel energy, emotions and feelings, and to cope with uncomfortable, painful, conflicted or turbulent life situations." - Dean Telano

Why Do We Teach Breathing Techniques in Our Kind Karma® Kids Yoga Classes?

  • Kids love working with the breath!

  • It's fun...there's so much fun to be had with breathing exercises.

  • Teaching children breath awareness and breath control encourages relaxation, regulates emotions and provides stress management tools.

  • It teaches children how to deal with nerve-wracking, fearful or anxiety-inducing situations.

  • Depending how it’s done, it can energize both the body and mind.

  • Visualization is a powerful mind-body connection tool.

  • Improves respiratory function and strengthens the muscle of respiration.

  • Strengthens abdominal muscles.

  • Improves digestion.

  • Clears and eases the mind before school tests or exams.

  • Promotes mindfulness, imagination, creativity and visualization.

  • They are wonderful, portable mood elevators.

"Visualization is a powerful mind-body connection tool." - Dean Telano

Breathe with Kindness

"Create Kindness with Balloon Breathing"

Kind Karma Kids Yoga