Breathe with Kindness: "Faucet Breath". Kind Karma® Kids Yoga. Youth Empowerment of Wholeness: YEOW

Kind Karma® Yoga Key Initiative: Youth Empowerment Of Wholeness (YEOW). YEOW promotes youth empowerment through kind karma® kid's yoga, awaken with meditation, mindfulness techniques, awaken qigong, gong & sound therapy (GST), positive thinking and visualization, aromatherapy, energy and crystal therapy, and interconnectivity with nature - through shamanic themed events.


"Faucet Breathing"

Kind Karma kids yoga

"A kinder you is a kinder world." - Dean Telano

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Ask the children to raise their arms out to the sides, shoulder height - like making the letter “T”.

  2. Have each child pretend or image their arms are like sink "faucets". Kind Karma® Kids Yoga Tip: Work, and be creative with this visual.

  3. With the arms in the letter "T" position, make fist with the hands. Keep your shoulders, arms and hand muscles very tight. Kind Karma® Kids Yoga Tip: you can encourage each child to make a scrunchy face.

  4. Now, ask the children to fill their lungs by breathing in through the nose and then exhale out of the mouth, making a ssshhh sound. Have each child release or let go of any tension, worries or negative feelings --- like water coming out of a faucet. Here, a dripping or leaky faucet is a good thing.

  5. Repeat 3-5 times.

  6. Follow with a few slow calming breaths.

Kind Karma


  • Alleviates agitation and anger. A KINDER YOU IS A KINDER WORLD.

  • Relieves stress, anxiety, nervousness and tension. LET GO TO LET KINDNESS IN.

  • A wonderful release. A discharge. The ssshhh sound teaches the children how to exhale properly. RELEASE, TO LET THE KINDNESS OUT.

  • Awesome interactive breathing technique, especially with visualization and imagination. HAVE EACH CHILD IMAGINE WHAT KINDNESS IS. GUIDE THEM.

  • Teaches children how to direct their feelings and thoughts in a positive, healthy way. TEACH THE CHILDREN KINDNESS IS A VERY IMPORTANT NUTRIENT. NUTRITION FOR THE BODY, EMOTIONS AND MIND.