Children receive incredible health benefits when they learn how to play the GONG!

Kind Karma "Joy of Gong Resonance" Training: Our approach is to teach children how to play different types of Gongs and instruments. We believe, a multicultural Gong ensemble can add depth, dimension, and lots of playful energy, when learning. - Dr. Dean Telano

Kind Karma Gong & Sound Healing Course for Children.

Positive Benefits of Gong Playing & Sound Therapy for Children

Kind Karma Gong & Sound Healing Course for Children.

  • Healing, inspiring, uplifting and fun for children!

  • Children love playing the Gong and other sound instruments and it's easy to learn!

  • Learning how to play the Gong and sound instruments fosters self confidence, boosts self-esteem and self compassion. 

  • Releases stress, tension and anxiety.

  • Creates deep relaxation and clears and calms the mind.

  • Helps children to meditate, concentrate and focus.

  • Releases oxytocin - the hormone of happiness.

Kind Karma Gong & Sound Healing Course for Children.

  • Mindful breathing exercises are taught when playing the gong.

  • Increases self control and patience.

  • Encourages independence when playing alone; and improves social skills, peer interaction and communication, teamwork and relationship building when playing together. 

  • Gong playing is a creative outlet and encourages kids to express their creative abilities as it nurtures self-expression. 

  • Provides self-regulation skills to face difficult or unsettling emotions, fears, grief or trauma.

  • Teaches perseverance and creates a sense of achievement.

  • Encourages the importance of music and sound, and introduces children to cultural diversity through the history of the Gong and other instruments.

  • Improves coordination.

  • Improves listening skills.

  • Promotes kindness and compassion towards others.

  • Studies in neuroscience show that music can enhance brain function in children.

  • Helps children get excited