Create Kind Karma. All Kids Matter! - Kids R Key Global Initiative.

"All Kids Matter!" and "Kids R Key" are Worldwide Holistic Healing Initiatives for all children, and is part of Kind Karma's Global Movement of Creating Loving Kindness. 

This is part of our Kind Karma's Initiative because we believe all kids are the "KEY" to creating the world's future of Kind Karma® or Loving Kindness.

"Kind Karma® is making a difference! Changing lives. Changing the world." - Dr. Dean Telano

Kind Karma's "Kids R Key"

Worldwide Initiative is Twofold

  1. "All Kids Matter!" accentuates holistic or alternative healing methods and programs for physically and mentally disabled, special needs or challenged children. Sound, crystal, Reiki, color, essential oils and sacred geometry are noninvasive modalities used together or independently.

  2. "All Kids Matter!" empowers our youth through yoga, meditation, breathwork, qigong, sound healing, positive thinking, visualization, affirmations and outdoor shamanic events. Our programs teach children self-empowerment, mindfulness and positive ways to channel energy, emotions and feelings, and how to use positive, holistic outlets for bullying issues.

All Kids Matter!