'Crystals for Kindness'. Creating Kind Karma® with Celestite Crystals.

'Crystals for Kindness' is part of Kind Karma's Key Initiative called, Teach All Loving Kindness - T.A.L.K. TALK is about empowering others to live a life of inspiring service by planting the seeds of kindness karma. The TALK Initiative incorporates innovative holistic approaches to open our hearts, clear our minds and soothe our spirits, allowing kindness to naturally and spontaneously arise.

Kindness is Key

"Crystals are magic, soothing LIGHT elixirs for our emotions, nervous system and energy body. They are alchemical tools gifted to us by Mother Earth, the Angels and the Divine Source." - Dean Telano

Crystals for Kindness


Celestite, also known as Celestine, is revered for its high vibration and potent spiritual energies. Celestite is energized by the Angelic Realms and protected by nature spirits, such as the Fae or Gnomes (Note: the Fae are drawn to this LIGHT crystal).

Celestite is derived from the Latin adjective caelestis (cealum), meaning heaven or sky, and is a delicate blue mineral containing strontium. Its color range is blue (most common), golden, yellow, red and white.

The Kindness Properties of Powers of Celestite

  • It's a crystal of love, joy, compassion and light.

  • Bestows peace and harmony; uplifting; calms turbulent and conflicted emotions.

  • Promotes healing.

  • Promotes a deep, relaxed meditation.

  • Quells negative thoughts or thought patterns.

  • Clears negative karma; cleanses toxic energies from your aura.

  • Helps you see the positive in life, and in others.

  • Teaches trust in yourself and the universe.

  • Allows for gentle, productive communication; resolves conflict; and helps connect you to the radiant realms.

  • Helps you to seek your higher purpose and soul purpose, assists in attaining high vibrational goals and elevates spiritual growth.

  • A crystal of integrity, truth, authenticity and purity of heart.

  • Brings ease during sleep ("a kinder sleep, a kinder you").

Kindness is Key