How to Prepare for a Reiki Session with Pets or Animals. "All Animals Matter!"

Our Pet and Animal Reiki Master Training is part of Kind Karma's Mission Program called, "Holistic Animal Healing" - HAH.

It's our belief that learning how to holistically heal and properly care for animals contributes to simultaneously healing yourself, the planet, and all its inhabitants. We are on a global mission to heal animals, including birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, etc. 

"All Animals Matter!" - Dr. Dean Telano
"Our Animal Kindred Matters!" - Dr. Dean Telano

We Teach Pet & Animal Reiki Healing So Kids and Animals Can Help Heal Each Other

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Preparing for a

Reiki Pet & Animal Healing Session

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"Only heal when you are calm and relaxed."

Before each session, it’s very important you remind yourself you are infusing the animal with Universal Life-Force Energy – Reiki, that is supported with intention and feeling. Therefore, refrain from performing a Reiki healing session if you are upset, agitated, unbalanced or just feel off for some reason.

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Remember, your pet or animal will pick up on your energy so for the healing to be effective, you must truly be in a state of calm and contentedness.

If you’re not in that state or don't feel centered, then stop and take a breather or meditate. This often helps.