Create Kind Karma. Awaken Qigong: "Floating Silk Hands" Mind-Body Exercise.

"Awaken Qigong" is part of Kind Karma's Global Initiative called, "TALK" - Teach All Loving Kindness. TALK is about teaching others how to connect with their own innate Loving Kindness and building a global community of Kind Karma Creators. TALK is a call-to-action and its aim is to teach people specific methods of how to choose kindness in their lives, and to spread Kind Karma® to those with whom they share the world. Awaken Qigong is one such method to assist in this calling, as it plants the seeds of positive change through:

  • Integrating Awaken Qigong flow sequences, stretches and postures.

  • Mind-Body healing through movement or sitting meditation.

  • Power of intent, positive thinking, visualization and imagery.

  • Emotional harmony and balance through breath exercises. 

  • Body tapping, shaking or vibrating to awaken and stimulate energy meridian points.

  • Accessing the healing power of our hands.

  • Using the healing power of sounds through recitation, instruments or music.

  • Using Awaken Qigong energy props.

"TALK is one of six Kind Karma's Global Initiatives. TALK is a call-to-action and its aim is to teach people specific methods of how to choose kindness in their lives, and to plant the seeds of positive change and holistic harmony to those with whom they share the world." - Dean Telano

Floating Silks Hands: Exercise #8

From Awaken Qigong's Flow Sequence 1

Preparing for Floating Silk Hands

1. Begin in a standing, relaxed stance - Wuji or Wu Chi.

  • Feet: are rooted, shoulder width apart and with toes close to parallel. The weight is slightly to front center over the feet.

  • Knees: are soft and slightly bent. 

  • Hips: are relaxed, with the sensation of pushing downward into the floor with no tension; tailbone is slightly tucked in.

  • Waist: is supple with a sense of mobility and freedom.

  • Chest: is opened and slightly collapsed (the chest is not sticking out or lifted).

  • Shoulders, Elbows and Hands: are all slightly bent and relaxed. Shake out your arms before you begin if you notice you are carrying tension. To release shoulder tension, raise your shoulders as high as you can so that you can feel the effort of holding them up. Next, drop and relax your shoulders as much as possible while breathing out. Elbows are relaxed and  and hands, wrists and fingers are relaxed at the sides. However, try to create am energetic connection with the Earth to make sure they aren’t limp.

  • Head: imagine from the top of your head you are hanging from an invisible bungee cord that is lifting your body upwards and straightening your spine. Your neck is long and relaxed.

  • Eye Gaze: is soft and looking at or slightly below horizon.

2. Try to feel the weight of your body as if hanging from an imaginary bungee cord.

  • Place your awareness at the bottoms of your feet. Focus through the Yong Quan Point (Kidney 1 - located on the sole of the foot in the depression) into the earth, and Bai Hui (Du Mai 20 - crown of your head) to the sky.

3.  Breathe deeply into the Xia Dantian, your lower belly.

  • Repeat for 3-9 breaths.

  • Awaken Qigong Tip: Inhale naturally through your nostrils. Exhale naturally through your mouth. Let your breathing lead the movements. Don’t manipulate the breath to maintain a certain rhythm of movement. Let your body move as it rides the breath.