Kind Karma. Mission Program: "Earth Gifting."

Giving Back to Mother Earth and the Nature Spirits

Kind Karma
Kind Karma: Earth Gifting

"Kind Karma Event: Paying Homage to the Earth, Gnomes, Dryads and Elves."

This beautiful Kind Karma® event, headed by Dr. Dean Telano and many "Kind Karma Creators," was about honoring the Earth, Gnomes, Dryads and Elves.

This indoor and outdoor ceremony, included a Healing Rahini Yoga® Kriya, or healing, movement meditation, to help us connect with the Nature Spirits, such as the Gnomes.

This Sacred Earth, Gnome, Dryad and Elf Ceremony and Celebration was for:

  • All those who desired to be part of the Kind Karma® Mission of "Earth Gifting" - giving back to the earth and the nature spirits.

  • All those who love animals and want to stop the abuse many animals experience. The Gnomes help to care and protect all animals.

  • Those who love nature, outdoors and Mother Earth.

  • Crystal lovers, practitioners or healers- because some believe crystals come from the earth and her Gnomes.

  • Those individuals who use crystals for Fey or Angelic communication, because Gnomes are crystal caretakers.

  • Vegetarians or vegans because the Gnomes provide the food and nourishment for them to eat.

Kind Karma
Indoor Gnome Ceremony and Celebration. At "Inspired Yoga & Healing Center"

Kind Karma: Earth Gifting, Giving Back to the Earth, Trees & Plants

Kind Karma
Kind Karma: Outdoor Sacred Gnome Ceremony Using Reiki Healing & Shamanic Rituals

Kind Karma
Kind Karma: Using Reiki to Heal the Trees and Connect with the Tree Spirit- Dryad

What are Gnomes?

Kind Karma
Our Dear Kind Karma Friends, The Gnomes. We Deeply Honor and Respect You All!