Kind Karma. Mission Program: "Earth Gifting."

Giving Back to Mother Earth and the Nature Spirits

Kind Karma: Earth Gifting

"Kind Karma Event: Paying Homage to the Earth, Gnomes, Dryads and Elves."

This beautiful Kind Karma® event, headed by Dr. Dean Telano and many "Kind Karma Creators," was about honoring the Earth, Gnomes, Dryads and Elves.

This indoor and outdoor ceremony, included a Healing Rahini Yoga® Kriya, or healing, movement meditation, to help us connect with the Nature Spirits, such as the Gnomes.

This Sacred Earth, Gnome, Dryad and Elf Ceremony and Celebration was for:

  • All those who desired to be part of the Kind Karma® Mission of "Earth Gifting" - giving back to the earth and the nature spirits.

  • All those who love animals and want to stop the abuse many animals experience. The Gnomes help to care and protect all animals.

  • Those who love nature, outdoors and Mother Earth.

  • Crystal lovers, practitioners or healers- because some believe crystals come from the earth and her Gnomes.

  • Those individuals who use crystals for Fey or Angelic communication, because Gnomes are crystal caretakers.

  • Vegetarians or vegans because the Gnomes provide the food and nourishment for them to eat.

Indoor Gnome Ceremony and Celebration. At "Inspired Yoga & Healing Center"

Kind Karma: Earth Gifting, Giving Back to the Earth, Trees & Plants

Kind Karma: Outdoor Sacred Gnome Ceremony Using Reiki Healing & Shamanic Rituals

Kind Karma: Using Reiki to Heal the Trees and Connect with the Tree Spirit- Dryad

What are Gnomes?

Our Dear Kind Karma Friends, The Gnomes. We Deeply Honor and Respect You All!

Gnomes, the Earth Elementals, are the caretakers, guardians and protectors of the Earth.

In the realm of the elementals, there are four main groups who rule the realms of nature, and Gnomes are the representatives of the earth elementals. Gnomes share their elemental lineage with the Undines- rulers of water; Sylphs- guardians of air or sky; and Salamanders- sentinels of fire.

"Our Prayer to the Gnomes"

“Dear Gnomes, guardians of the earth, her plants and trees, her animals, her crystals, her ley lines, and energy centers and matrix.

We ask for your assistance and guidance today about our Kind Karma® work on Planet Earth.

Please help us to connect and contact you - the wise gnomes - and impart your ancient wisdom and knowledge to guide us along our Global Mission of Loving Kindness from the Heart.

Dear Sweet Gomes, We thank you for your help and many blessings.”

"Amor Vincit Omnia" – Love Conquers All

So Be It!

- Gnome Prayer Created by Dr. Dean Telano

"Earth Gifting: One of Our Global Kind Karma® Mission Programs.

We offer specific training programs to learn how to deepen our connection with our planet, environment and nature spirits. We also hold numerous "Giving Back to the Earth" Events throughout the year.  

These are just some of the ways we are actively giving back to the earth - "EARTH GIFTING":

  • Holding Earth related retreats that emphasize methods of mindful, daily actions we can reciprocate Loving Kindness to our planet. Includes lifestyle changes, and outdoor gentle yoga, breathwork, meditation or qigong practice.

  • Healing the earth and the environment through Reiki or other Kind Karma® healing methods, such as sound or drumming.

  • Being mindful of our own thoughts and feelings and how they can impact the earth. 

  • Cleaning up the environment - park or public cleanups. 

  • Planting trees, flowers, herbs, plants, and creating gardens.

  • Working with crystals, sacred geometry and layouts.

  • Leading or participating in our Kind Karma® nature-loving or Shamanistic approaches- such as working, connecting or giving offerings and blessings to the: Nature Spirits; Elementals; Cardinal Directions- Including Below, Above, Within and Source; The 11 SACRED DIRECTIONS; Spirit Animals or Spirit Animal Totems; Various Mystical and Magical Realms.

  • Our "Lightworker & Energy Healer Course" is specific to connecting with the Earth, Nature Spirits and variuos Realms.

In Peace, Light and Kind Karma®

Kind Karma A Global Movement of Loving Kindness

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