Kind Karma® Empowering Precepts are Creating Positive Kindness Karma.


Kind Karma® Precepts are created to change and raise your daily personal vibration. When you raise your vibration, your life changes and the world transforms right before your eyes. A Kind Karma® Precept is a daily reminder that acts as a wise, spiritual guide, helping you to become the best version of yourself. A better you, means a better... US.

"Our Kind Karma® Empowering Precept Adage: Learning how to empower yourself with kindness will harness your ability to actively inspire others to do the same." - Dean Telano

Dean Telano


Mettā (in Pali; in Sanskrit, Maitrī) means LOVING-KINDNESS, benevolence, friendliness or goodwill, where there is a sincere and ACTIVE caring of others, the earth and its inhabitants.

A Kind Karma® Empowering Precept creates an attitude of Metta, loving-kindness. Each precept helps to direct your attention on kindness which is cultivated and maintained by the actual practice, or recitation, of that specific precept.

Kind Karma


Create Kind Karma

"I believe 'kindness' is contained inside our human DNA; it's our shared genetic spirituality and connectivity. We are born with this 'kind' of DNA (I call it, 'Cosmic Encoding'), and hence it's our birthright, as well as human and spiritual obligation, to 'act' upon it. When we approach our own lives from authentic 'kindness' - and resonate with this TRUTH - we have the infinite ability, potential and desire to make positive, beautiful, and inspiring changes in the world." - Dean Telano

Kind Karma

"Kind Karma's Precepts create empowering and inspiring changes through kind thoughts, compassionate actions and positive responses."

Kind Karma® Precepts are daily gentle reminders, and a meditation practice in and of itself, that helps us to stay focused and vigilant while we cultivate kindness or kindness karma.

The following precepts are reminders that Kind Karma firstly begins within us, and not with anyone else. We, as Kind Karma® Creators, strive to make great efforts in refraining from measuring, judging or estimating anyone else’s karma. After all, j