Kind Karma® Healing Meditation. "Rainbow-Light Showers, Brings Healing Powers."

Kind Karma® Yoga is Heart-Centered Yoga, incorporating heart based practices. Kind Karma® Yoga incorporates innovative holistic approaches to open your heart, clear your mind, heal your body and soothe your spirit. Kind Karma® Yoga provides the necessary tools to navigate your everyday life to create and attract positive karma. Our aim is to build a global community of Kind Karma® Creators that work collectively to change the world's karma.

Kind Karma Yoga

"Living Yoga from the Heart... A Necessary Yoga for Today's World"

Kind Karma Yoga

"Rainbow-Light Showers, Brings Healing Powers" Meditation

Posture for Kind Karma® Rainbow-Light Meditation

  1. Find a relaxed, comfortable position. You could be seated on a chair or on the floor on a cushion. When sitting in a chair, be sure your feet are flat on the floor.

  2. To find your center of balance you can gently rock side to side or forward and backward until you find a sense of the middle of your posture.

  3. Align your head, neck, and spine. Feel tall. Feel expanded. Feel the Light.

  4. As you lengthen your spine, soften your face and neck, and lower and relax your shoulders.

  5. Spend some time softening your your hips (feel your hip creases relax), thighs and feet (if you need to, spread your toes out and release them several times until you feel your feet soften and relax).

  6. The arms should hang effortlessly, with the hands resting in the lap or lightly on the knees. You can also place your hands in your favorite hand gesture or mudra.

  7. Your eyes can be closed, slightly open or completely open, but should always remain fixed and not moving around (even when your eyes are closed).

  8. Spend some time taking in deep healing breaths. Repeat as needed.

Kind Karma Yoga® Tips

  • Make whatever modifications you need to feel steady, comfortable and supported in your seated posture. Tap into feelings of receptivity and lightness.

  • To help with alignment, imagine a string attached from the center of the crown and you are gently being drawn upward.

  • In Kind Karma® Awaken with Meditation, we teach: "During meditation, let your body reflect your state of mind you are attempting to achieve."

"Kind Karma® Yoga uses our visualization and imagination as gateways to nurture, heal and harmonize our heart, body and mind." - Dean Telano



  • Sitting tall, place your attention on your head, imagining your crown opening and receptive. As you open this area, imagine a luminous healing light above you, cascading downward. See this light all around you, and within you. Notice how gentle, and warm, this light seems. Something about it seems so familiar. Take some time to welcome and bathe in this light.

  1. Red ("Grounding"): Now, imagine from above, this light changes into a splendid Red- beautiful and vibrant. Visualize this red light SHOWERING down, all