Kind Karma: 'Kids R Key' - Benefits of Gong Playing for Children

"Joy of Gong Resonance"

Magical World of Sound, Relaxation & Healing

"All Kids Matter!" - Dr. Dean Telano, Founder & Creator
of "Kids R Key" a Worldwide Initiative for All Children.

"Kids R Key"  is a Worldwide Holistic Healing Initiative for all children, and is part of Kind Karma's Global Movement of Loving Kindness.  This is part of our Kind Karma's Initiative because we believe all kids are the "KEY" to creating the world's future of Kind Karma or LOVING KINDNESS.

We incorporate noninvasive, gentle holistic methods such as:

  • Energy healing. This includes Reiki, and additional energy healing techniques.

  • Gong, Sound (using various sound instruments) or music healing.

  • Crystal healing.

  • Sacred geometry or how to shape the body into natural, healing energy shapes. 

  • Color healing or therapy.

  • Aromatherapy; sprays; flower or gem essences.

  • Yoga, qigong or gentle energy movements.

  • Breathwork and meditation.

  • Guided imagery or visualization for physical or emotional healing.

  • Positive thinking or self-empowering affirmations.

  • Lots of enthusiasm, care and gentleness.

Enrollment in our training programs such as, "Inspired Kids Yoga & Meditation", the "Joy of Gong & Sound Resonance" or "Kind Karma: Reiki for Kids" prepares our Kind Karma Creators to work with children. 

Dao of the Gong “The gong becomes an extension of yourself and who you are: your intentions, your breath, your healing energy, your heart, and - ultimately - your daily vibrant, spiritual practice.” - Dr. Dean Telano

How Playing the Gong Benefits Children

  • Children love playing the Gong, and it's easy to learn!

  • Learning how to play the Gong fosters self confidence, boosts self-esteem and self compassion. 

  • Encourages independence when playing alone; and improves social skills, peer interaction and communication, teamwork and relationship building when playing together. 

  • Gong playing is a creative outlet and encourages kids to express their creative abilities as it nurtures self-expression. 

  • Provides self-regulation skills to face difficult or unsettling emotions.

  • Teaches perseverance and creates a sense of achievement.

  • Encourages the importance of music and sound, and introduces children to cultural diversity through the history of the Gong.


  • Releases stress and tension, creates deep relaxation, and clears and calms the mind.

  • Helps children to meditate, concentrate and focus.

  • We teach breathing exercises when playing the gong.

  • Increase self control and patience.

  • Improves coordination.

  • Improves listening skills.

  • Studies in neuroscience show that music can enhance brain function in children.

  • Helps children get excited about learning.

  • Positive, fun and healing for children with special needs.

"Our training approach is unique because we teach our children to play different types of Gongs. Our philosophy is: A multicultural Gong ensemble can add depth, dimension, HEALING and lots of FUN when learning how to play the Gong."  - Dr. Dean Telano

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