Kind Karma. Mission Program: "Teach All Loving Kindness" (TALK) through Rahini Yoga® Kriyas.

Teaching Rahini Yoga® Kriyas is one of the aspects of our Mission Programs called, "Teach All Loving Kindness (TALK)." This specific Rahini Yoga® Kriya or moving meditation is intended to beautify our souls.

Kind Karma
Kind Karma A Global Movement of Loving-Kindness

Dean Telano
Dr. Dean Telano Leading a Meditation


Rahini Yoga® Kriyas are designed to "Create Kind Karma®" by connecting and expanding the Heartfelt quality of "loving kindness" that is innately found inside each and every one of us.​

Rahini Yoga® Kriyas (RYK) help to unlock the full potential of our "kindness" that - I believe - is part of the strands of our DNA; it is our shared genetic spirituality. We are born with this "kind" of DNA, and hence it is our birthright, as well as human and spiritual obligation, to "act" upon it. When we approach our own lives from authentic "kindness" we have the infinite ability and desire to make positive, beautiful, and inspiring changes in the world as well as our own life.

I have created or reshaped these Kriyas to help educate others how to change or transmute their daily Karma into a wave of self-empowerment that consists of gentleness, peacefulness, positive vibration, compassion, wisdom and of course, "Loving Kindness".

When we approach our own lives from authentic "kindness" we have the infinite ability and desire to make positive, beautiful, and inspiring changes in the world."

What Are Rahini Yoga® Kriyas?

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Kind Karma Community

Rahini Yoga® Kriyas (RYK) are designed so they can be practiced by everyone - children, seniors, beginners, and those without any yoga or meditation experience. RYK is not religion in the form of ideology, dogma, belief systems, or compliance; they are simple conduits to a human or spiritual experience that gives us access to the Universal quality of, "Loving-Kindness."

Kind Karma
Dr. Dean Telano Teaching a Rahini Yoga Kriya

RYK are considered moving meditations, and are fun, energetic, simple, safe, gentle and easy-to-perform. If the mind wanders, the body will be out of rhythm, thus the mind will naturally be brought back into the present moment in order to continue the dynamic kriya. That of course, is a good thing! Our Rahini Kriyas incorporate gentle body movement or body mudras (kaya mudras), breathwork, sounds, hand mudras, tapping, eye focus, sacred geometry, and music. When practicing Rahini Kriyas, your body, mind and spirit are harmonized, healed and uplifted. You feel differently, think clearly, and act positively.

This specific Rahini Yoga® Kriya (in the video) is designed to promote self-empowerment, self-awareness, and self-love, while strengthening our aura, raising our energetic vibration, and radiating our beautiful spiritual essence. This gentle movement meditation with arm and hand mudras and affirmations, beautifies the soul, brings peace to the mind and opens our Heart Lotus of Loving Kindness. These particular arm and hand movements will open our higher energy centers, raise our levels of consciousness, and deepen our Cosmic Connection to the Universal Energies of Source.

Please Note: This video does NOT demonstrate, nor reflect, the entire Rahini Yoga® Kriya. As with all Rahini Yoga® Kriyas, this healing meditation should be practiced in its correct sequence and in its entirety.