Kind Karma Reiki. How to Create a Crystal Grid.

Kind Karma® Reiki is holistic energy therapy which includes Reiki Symbols and the Angelic Healing Light Symbol of Loving Kindness.

Kind Karma® Reiki includes unique energy training techniques, and is quite powerful in its vibration and resonance. Awaken Qigong, Awaken with Meditation, Gong & Sound Therapy (GST) and Shamanic themed practices are incorporated, especially at the advanced levels.

"Kind Karma is a noble path of the Heart." (Kind Karma Empowering Precept #7) - Dean Telano

How to Create a Crystal Grid

#1. Set your Intention

  • Recite or write an affirmation, intention or prayer as the focus of your grid.

#2. Gather Crystals that Support your Intention

#3. Select your Center Crystal

  • Place the crystal that corresponds (aligns) with your main intention into the center circle (area) of the grid template. This crystal is sometimes called the anchor crystal.

  • Kind Karma Reiki Tip: As you place this anchor crystal onto the grid, be sure to recite, validate or affirm your intention

  • Optional: You may place a written intention beneath this crystal at the very center of the grid.

#4 (a). Place the Remaining Crystals Around your Center (Anchor) Crystal

  • Place the remaining crystals in the outside circles of the crystal grid template. For this example, use the grid illustration.

  • Place them exactly centered on the remaining circles because proper alignment of the sacred geometry shape is necessary for proper energy flow.

  • As you are placing each of the remaining six crystals, state your intention for them (what energy do you want these crystals to bring to the grid?).

  • These particular crystals should support, enhance or strengthen the intention of your grid.

#4 (b). You may choose to further strengthen or amplify the focus of your intention by placing additional supporting crystals on your grid.

  • Add a set of six crystals around your center crystal to increase the power or focus of the grid. The crystal selection and setup is your personal choice, and best serving your specific intention (for an example of crystal placement refer to the accompanying photo).

  • Follow the instructions outlined in step #4 (a) as you place these additional crystals.

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