Kind Karma Rahini Yoga. "Spirals of Divine Healing Light" Meditation.

This powerful, healing moving meditation is practiced during "Rahini Yoga®", "Awaken Qigong", "Awaken with Meditation", and Kind Karma Shamanic Earth Gifting Events.

"Spirals of Divine Healing Light" is a movement based meditation, that harmonizes your body, breath and mind, and connects you with the Divine Cosmic Energy of Rainbow Radiance. It includes gentle movements, breath awareness, sound healing, body mudra, and positive visualization or imagery. It also includes a healing sound as your body moves. This particular healing sound is given during the in-person Kind Karma® related courses or events.

This meditation technique is part of Kind Karma's Mission Initiative called, "TALK" - Teach All Loving Kindness. TALK is about teaching others how to connect with their own innate Loving Kindness, building a global community of "Kind Karma Creators". TALK is a call-to-action and its aim is to teach people specific methods of how bring holistic health, healing and harmony into their lives, and to spread this Kind Karma® to those with whom they share the world. TALK workshops, courses or events provide us with the necessary tools to navigate our everyday life to generate positive karma, and to work with the rhythms and flows of nature in alignment with our highest and truest intentions.

"Every Day is a New Life." - Kind Karma® Empowering Precept

"Spirals of Divine Healing Light" Moving Meditation

1) Seated Posture

  • Sit in a cross-legged position or sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor.

  • Balance your weight evenly across your sit bones.

  • Align your head, neck, and spine. Feel tall. Feel expanded. Feel Light.

  • As you lengthen your spine, soften your face and neck, and lower and relax your shoulders.

  • Spend some time softening your your hips (feel your hip creases relax), thighs and feet (if you need to, spread your toes out and release them several times until you feel your feet soften and relax).

  • Keep your gaze straight ahead with soft eyes. If you need to close your eyes to visualize, then do so.

  • Kind Karma Tip: Make whatever modifications you need to feel steady, comfortable and supported in your seated posture.

2) Arms and Hands - "Celestial Pillar of Radiant Light" Mudra

  • Rub your hands vigorously together for one minute. Until your hands feel warm and energized. "Waking up the Chi" (Dean Telano).

  • Celestial Pillar of Radiant Light Mudra: Bend your elbows 90 degrees, hold the hands six inches apart, palms facing each other, at the level of your heart or solar plexus chakra. Keep your elbows in at your sides. Be sure your elbows are relaxed, not rigid.

  • Kind Karma Tip: This mudra creates a healing space within your electromagnetic field or aura, and helps to break through negative thought patterns.

  • Kind Karma Tip: Maintain this mudra position for at least 30 second before you begin the actual movement.