Kind Karma® Yoga. The Twelve Petals and Lotus Flower of your Heart-Light Center.

Throughout Kind Karma Rahini Yoga training, we teach that your Heart Center contains a very special and delicate Lotus Flower, consisting of twelve petals. It's our belief, that each heart petal contains spiritual characteristics and attributes. Through the practice of Kind Karma Rahini Yoga, we access and cultivate each of these positive, beautiful qualities, restoring physical, mental, energetic and spiritual harmony.

"Not only do we see the world with our eyes, we also see it from our heart. What do you see?" - Dean Telano

Kind Karma Yoga

Kind Karma Yoga® teaches the twelve petals of the "Lotus Flower" contains the following characteristics and attributes:

  1. Giving Love; Accepting Love; Self Love.

  2. Compassion; Compassionate Action.

  3. Loving Kindness; Gentleness; Selfless Action.

  4. Joy; Joy for Others.

  5. Gratitude; Gladdening the Heart.

  6. Peace; Tranquility; Contentment.

  7. Patience; Tolerance; Acceptance (we call it PTA).

  8. Harmony; Balance; Devotion.

  9. Clarity; Wisdom; Understanding.

  10. Purity; Letting Go; Openness.

  11. Forgiveness for Self; Forgiveness for Others.

  12. Bliss & Emptiness; Unfading Bliss.

Awakening the twelve petals of our Heart Center is one of the most important steps that we can take to help us heal along our spiritual journey. Each of the twelve petals are associated with specific positive, healing qualities.

We can cultivate, grow and eventually expand upon these positive qualities by sharing them with others, and by establishing heart felt connections with all sentient beings. Every time we create this connection, we too, internally, feel these Divine qualities blossom within our own Heart Center. Petal by petal our own Lotus Flower slowly blossoms, and joyfully awakens. As the Lotus of the Heart awakens, we open ourselves to a deeper and more meaningful understanding of love, compassion, joy and kindness. Ultimately, we begin to experience the everlasting, sweet essence, of spiritual unfoldment.

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“There is a light that shines beyond the world, beyond everything, beyond all, beyond the highest heaven. This is the light that shines within your heart.” - Upanishads