Kindness is in Our Hands! Beauty & Bliss with Kind Karma® Meditation Heart Mudra.

Kind Karma® Yoga is a Heart-Centered Yoga, incorporating heart based practices. Kind Karma® Yoga incorporates innovative holistic approaches to open our hearts, clear our minds, heal our body and soothe our spirits. Kind Karma® Yoga provides the necessary tools to navigate your everyday life to generate positive karma, and to work with the rhythms and flows of nature in alignment with your true intention. Kind Karma® Yoga's aim is to build a world community of Kind Karma® Creators.

"Give ear to me: calm your mind, heal your heart, soothe your spirit and so shall kindness spontaneously arise." Spoken Word from the Fae of the Greens & Channeled by Dean Telano, Shaman of the Elements & Fae, Faery Lightworker; Faery Crystal Practitioner; Faery Reiki Master
Dean Telano

"Kindness is in your Hands!"

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Heart Mudra of Spiritual Freedom: Kalesvara Mudra

Meditation Benefits of the Heart Mudra

  • Calms anxious thoughts, agitated feelings, inner restlessness and nervousness.

  • Clears your mind, helping you make new observations about yourself.

  • Enhances memory, concentration and the ability to focus.

  • Helps with creating new, positive insights into otherwise difficult situations.

  • Removes negative thoughts and replaces them with positive ones.

  • Heart opening. Soothes heartache, and mitigates grief and depression.

  • Eliminates addictive behavior, habits or patterns.

  • Raises your vibration, cultivates uplifting energy and awakens your authentic self.

  • Supports the health of your neuroendocrine system.

  • Directs energy flow into the chest, neck, head; and thymus, thyroid and pituitary glands.

  • Opens and balances your higher energy centers: 4th, 5th & 6th chakras.

Kind Karma