Kind Karma Event: “Soul Retrieval & Long Life Ceremony” - Taught by Geshe Nyima Kunchap

This Kind Karma Event occurred February 2019, and was hosted at "Inspired Yoga & Healing Center", and "Bon Buddhism of Long Island".

Geshe Nyima Kunchap Teaching at "Inspired Yoga & Healing Center", Huntington, New York. February, 2019.

As part of Soul Retrieval Ceremony, Long Life Tsewang Rikdzin Meditation was taught and practiced with the Five-Element Syllables. "Tsok Offering" was also prepared, offered, and spiritually enjoyed!

Tsok Offering - As Prepared by Geshe Nyima Kunchap

Tsok Offering ("ganachakra feast") - As Prepared & Offered by Geshe Nyima Kunchap

About Ancient Tibetan Healing - "Soul Retrieval & Long-life Ceremony"

Tibetan Bön Buddhism has many healing rituals. Among them is the ritual known as Soul Retrieval and Long-Life Ceremony (Lalu Chilu). This is performed for those whose life force has been diminished or damaged.  In order to have a healthy life, inner life force, soul or La must be strong. Just as we catch all kind of diseases when our immunity is weak, we become vulnerable when our La is weak or diminished.

When problems are caused by external negative influences, this ceremony is performed. It reinforces the power of the five elements which are the foundation of our body, mind and spirit or life force. 

"Soul Retrieval & Long-life Ceremony"

The Soul Retrieval Ritual returns to us any qualities or elements of our soul that may have been separated from us, and also reinforces the force and power of the five elements which are the foundation of our soul and life force.  Through the use of ritual offerings, mantra and meditation, the external forces no longer negatively impact our lives. 

“The soul is not in the body, but the body in the soul.” — Alan Watts

A Deeper Perspective 

The soul (la) can be considered to be part of a triad that together constitute life energy: la, ni and sem.  Within the triad of la, ni and sem: “La” is the vital elemental energies; “Ni” is the vitality of the life force, which holds together the subtle and physical energies (described as the lifespan); and “Sem” is the consciousness.

Description of Loss of Life Force or Soul Loss