We are creating Kind Karma by taking a stand against bullying. "Change a life, change the world."

Kids R Key" is a Worldwide Holistic Healing Initiative for all children, and is part of Kind Karma's Global Movement of Loving Kindness.  This is part of our Kind Karma's Initiative because we believe all kids are the "KEY" to creating the world's future of Kind Karma® or Loving Kindness.

Kind Karma® - “A Global Movement of Creating Loving Kindness” has recently partnered up with “The Sophia Valsamos Foundation”.

The Sophia Valsamos Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization "dedicated to empowering young people to take a stand against bullying, find support around challenges and embrace each other's differences."

On Wednesday July 10th, 2019 @Inspired Yoga & Healing Center, The Sohpia Valsamos Foundation, Kind Karma® and Dr. Dean Telano formed a cohesive, single minded partnership to teach and participate in positive outlets for teenagers to handle bullying. Ours is a holistic approach, teaching children to respond with healthy coping skills to stressful or uncomfortable situations. Today, bullying is recognized as a serious problem because it includes cyberbullying or electronic bullying.

Electronic bullying or cyberbullying involves primarily verbal aggression (e.g., threatening or harassing electronic communications) and relational aggression (e.g., spreading rumors electronically). Electronic bullying or cyberbullying can also involve property damage resulting from electronic attacks that lead to the modification, dissemination, damage, or destruction of a youth’s privately stored electronic information. - Stopbullying.gov

According to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, being bullied as a child has been linked to:

  • Mental health problems. Children who are bullied are at increased risk of depression, anxiety, sleep problems, low self-esteem, and thoughts of self-harm and suicide.

  • Impaired academic performance. Children who are bullied might be afraid to go to school and are more likely to get poor grades. Targets of bullying are also more likely to receive school detention or suspension, miss, skip or drop out of school.

  • Substance abuse. Children who are bullied are more likely to use alcohol and other drugs.

  • Violence. A very small number of children who are bullied might retaliate with violent measures.

On this evening the goal was to teach teenagers how to empower themselves through qigong, walking meditation, yoga, sound healing, positive affirmations, visualization and seated meditation. And, of course, Kind Karma's road to achieve this goal was paved with lots of FUN and SMILES!

Awaken Qigong

Awaken Qigong uses Shamanistic sounds, breathing and movements to restore emotional and mental balance. It helps to reset our nervous system, automatically helping us to "shake it off" as a natural response to stress, tension or unease.

Reaching up and connecting with 'Father Sky' with reverence, respect and Shamanistic sounds helps to quiet the children's mind. When we teach children how to still their minds and express gratitude for all that exists around them, they can naturally tap into the flow of energy called the, 'Sacred Universe'. This Sacred Universal Connectivity empowers each child with unlimited possibilities and unlimited potential. - Dr. Dean Telano, Shaman of Kids

Inspired Kid's Rahini Yoga®

Using the Gong for Sound Healing & Creative Playing

"Gong playing is a creative outlet and encourages kids to express their creative abilities as it nurtures self-expression." - Dr. Dean Telano, Shaman of Kids

Visualization, Empowering Affirmations & Meditation

Our Kind Karma® healing and empowering method is to have the children in between the Gongs. The Gongs help with positive resonance, reflecting and strengthening their intention, visualization, manifestation, affirmations and meditation. - Dr. Dean Telano, Shaman of Kids

Meditation & Empowering Affirmations:

"Strength Begins with Me" &

"Beauty Begins with Me"

This particular Kind Karma® seated meditation is strengthened through reciting empowering affirmations that are synchronized with hand and finger movements, mudras. Our fingers are natural electric circuits, connecting and directing energy flow within the body. By connecting and rerouting energy through the fingers, we can heal the body, clear and calm mind, and bring balance to our thoughts, emotions and feelings.

All spirits live on through the authentic loving kindness of others. - Dr. Dean Telano

Kindness Note: A very special thank and lots of gratitude(!) to Jackie Todaro, President and Annette Taylor, Vice President, of "The Sophia Valsamos Foundation" and to all the parents who joined us with smiles.

Read about the "Benefits of Gong Playing for Children":

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