World Kind Karma® Day 

"Our World Needs Kind Karma®"

We believe, if we can encourage and empower as many people as possible to create daily Kindness Karma, we will see less violence, homelessness, hostility, hatred, vilification, inequality, bullying, war, and animal and environmental abuse, because we will generate a powerful energy wave of Compassion and Kindness.

Join Us On this Special Day to Create Kind Karma®   

"Often Our Voice is Found in Our Compassionate Actions" 

"World Kind Karma® Day"

Kind Karma


Create Kind Karma


Kind Karma
Kind Karma

On this Special Day

Become a Kind Karma® Creator

Our goal is have everyone aware that their individual daily actions thoughts, and words constantly create KARMA. It's these daily patterns of energy that build within us as we repeat such actions, words or thoughts.

The good news is, if our Global Initiatives of Kindness are strong enough, we will see less violence, homelessness, bullying, hatred, war, animal abuse, personal discontent, etc, because it generates a powerful wave of positive kind karma that change. 

Please consider making a donation to support this global movement of Kindness.

Kind Karma Reiki
Create Kind Karma
Create Kind Karma
Kind Karma
Dean Telano
Create Kind Karma

JOIN US for a day when all our hearts and loving -kindness reach out and connect - spiritual connectivity. 

Create Kind Karma® through Awaken with Meditation, Awaken Qigong, Earth Gifting, and more! JOIN our group of "Kind Karma Creators," get involved. This event will be an indoor and outdoor event, weather permitting.

Create Kind Karma
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World Kind Karma® is Creating a Sustainable Global Culture of Peace, Compassion, Harmony, Healing and Kindness.

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